ANTAUS. Yb-Doped Amplified Femtosecond Fiber Laser

Femtosecond Yb-doped microjoule fiber laser with a fiber amplifier stage. Combines high pulse energy with significantly high repetition rate.
Pulse duration (FWHM) <250 fs
Central wavelength 1030 nm (1040; 1050 nm on request)
Pulse energy >6 uJ (up to 15 uJ upon request)
Average output power >10 W
Pulse repetition rate* (user-adjustable) 1...5 MHz
Modulation of repetition rate by built-in pulse selector (optional)
from single-shot to 2 MHz
Dense-burst mode (~20 ns between pulses) up to 4 pulses per burst
Total energy per burst up to 12 uJ
Spatial mode TEM00
Polarization linear, horizontal
Output type free-space
M^2 <1.2
Long-term stability (12 h) <1% rms
Cooling air
Optical unit dimensions (LxWxH) 341x172x115 mm
Control unit dimensions (LxWxH) 450x315x140 mm
* - with pulse selector in bypass mode.


The ANTAUS microjoule ultrafast fiber laser system features high pulse energy along with fast repetition rate, which is an ideal combination for subtle material processing applications, as well as for all kinds of scientific research. The system is an all-Yb-doled-fiber oscillator + amplifier with a free-space final pulse compressor. Such design architecture ensures greater stability and real turn-key operation with no maintenance. The system does not require any water-cooling. The repetition rate of the system may be modulated via an optional AO pulse picker.

The laser is already being used by our customers as an OEM laser source in ophthalmology (in LASIK-type eyesight correction apparatus), as well as for THz studies, surface modification, two-photon polymerization techniques and many more.

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