TEMA-CW. Yb-Doped Solid-State Continuous Wave Laser

Ytterbium-doped solid-state continuous wave laser having broad tuning range and high average power around 1 um.
Output power >7.5 W @ 1050 nm
>2.5 W @ 1010 nm
>1.5 W @ 1070 nm
Tuning range 1010-1070 nm
Output linewidth < 45 GHz2)
Spatial mode TEM00
M^2 <1.15
Output beam diameter (at 1/e^2) 1±0.2 mm
Output polarization linear, horizontal
Beam divergence <1.8±0.3 mrad
Beam asymmetry <15%
Astigmatism <15%
Long-term output power stability 1) <0.3% rms
Cold start warm-up time <10 min
Cooling requirements
Laser head closed-loop chiller included
Control unit air-cooled
Physical dimensions (L × W × H)
Laser head 412 × 190 × 93 mm
Control unit 290 × 200 × 80 mm
Closed-loop chiller unit 430 × 340 × 190 mm
Umbilical length 1.8 m
Environmental and utility specifications
Operating temperature 18-28 °C
Relative humidity <60%, non-condensing
Voltage single-phase; 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption <1 kW
1)        – after 30 min warm-up with cold start, during 12-hour continuous operation under equal room temperature conditions using factory-supplied/recommended stabilized closed-loop chiller with proper capacity.
2)        – Output linewidth less than 45GHz upon request.

The TEMA-CW laser system provides continuous tunable laser radiation around 1 um. Built-in direct diode pump module facilitates operation and reduces any maintenance. Monolithic thermally stabilized body of the laser increases long-term stability and resistance to ambient temperature fluctuations.

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