TiC. Ti:Sapphire Continuous Wave Laser

Titanium-sapphire continuous wave solid-state laser system with broad tuning range and narrow linewidth.
Wavelength tuning range* 700-1000 nm
Average output power* at 800 nm, free-space >1.8 W
Average output power* at 800 nm, fiber-coupled (optional) >1 W
Fiber type (optional) Single-mode FC-FC, length: 1 m, core dia: 4 um
Linewidth <45 GHz
<20 GHz (with 1 etalon)
<2 GHz (with 2 etalons)
Spatial mode TEMoo
Beam divergence <2 mrad
Polarization linear, horizontal (free-space)
* - depends on pump laser power, the values are given for 10 W pump power.


Continuous-wave Ti:Sapphire laser features broad wavelength tuning range and finds itself as a useful tool for many fields of fundamental research, especially different spectroscopy application. The wavelength tuning is carried out by a birefringent Lyot filter and can be either manually controlled or motorized via a step motor with USB connection to a PC. Two etalons can be optionally placed into the resonator in order to narrow the linewidth of the generated radiation down to 2 GHz.

The CW Ti:Sapphire laser needs to be pumped by a CW DPSS or Ar-Ion pump laser  at 532 nm. Our company offers the oscillators without the pump laser, as well as a version with integrated pump lasers with pump power varying from 2 W to 10 W.

Optional fiber-coupled modification is available. The radiation is steered into a fiber with 4 um core diameter. The optical scheme allows easy switching between the free-space and the fiber outputs via a flip mount.

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