ALock. Phase Locking Electronics Unit

A multipurpose re-configurable PLL-based platform that is suitable for various phase locking applications.
Input options ·         Bandpass filter with AGC for input signal conditioning
·         Analogue phase detector with input range of -π/2 .. π/2, 0…600 MHz
·         High-frequency phase frequency detector: -8π .. 8π, 0…2.8 GHz
·         Digital phase frequency detector: -90π .. 90π, 0…300 MHz
·         Frequency multiplier
PID controller ·         2 independently configurable PID channels with up to 2 MHz feedback bandwidth
·         Adjustable preamplifier: 0.001-1000
·         P-channel: amplification 1-1000
·         I-channel: amplification 1-1000, 8 integral time constants
·         D-channel: amplification 1-1000, 4 derivative time constants
·         Phase lock detector
Output options ·         High-voltage amplifier for PZT actuator: >150 V, 50 W, up to 200 kHz modulation BW
·         Buffer amplifier for operation of laser diodes and EOM
·         Piezoelectric motor driver for linear translation stages
·         Step motor driver for linear translation stages
·         Temperature controller for long-term layout temperature correction: 12 V, 10 A
Dimensions 19” rack, 2U height, depth 320 mm
Utility requirements and power consumption 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, single-phase; <100 W
OEM power supply on demand
Control and monitoring Stand-alone LCD screen with a control wheel
Available remote-control interfaces: USB/RS485/Ethernet/CAN
(exact interface combination depends on final configuration and customer’s requirements)

The ALock series is a multipurpose re-configurable PLL-based platform that is suitable for various phase locking applications in the optical and radio frequency domains (up to 2.8 GHz).

• Modular architecture ensures configuration flexibility of the phase locking system
• Implementation of all-analogue locking module provides precision tuning with exceptional ratio of tuning bandwidth vs. dynamic range
• Digital control enables automatic phase locking procedure and preset storage functions for fast and easy switching between different configurations of the system
• Two independent control signal conditioning channels ensure locking restoration after significant phase fluctuations by quickly switching to a reserve channel with a large permitted phase angle deviation
• Input modules accept a wide range of input frequencies and amplitude levels
• Broad choice of locking driver modules enables various adjustment techniques, from precise digital temperature control to fast modulation via electro-optic modulators
• The implemented high-voltage driver is compatible with high-capacitance piezo actuators having broad modulation bandwidth of up to 200 kHz

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