Operating wavelength Dynamic range Bandwidth Transmission Damage threshold
OA 250...2000 nm >10^2 up to 20% >90% up to 10 J/cm^2

Dispersion and Pulse Duration Control

Operating wavelength Introduced dispersion Transmission Energy efficiency Obtainable pulse duration
APC 700-1600 nm from -13000 to +7000 fs^2 90% - -

Faraday Isolators and Rotators

Operating wavelength Clear aperture Isolation Transmission Damage threshold
AF 400-1250 nm up to 20 mm up to 60 dB up to 92% up to 5 J/cm^2

Harmonic Generators

Input wavelength range SH output TH output FH output Conversion efficiency
ASG 720-1600 nm 360-800 nm no no SH: 20-50%
ATsG 750-1600 nm 375-800 nm 250-533 nm no SH: 20-50%; TH: 3-15%
AFsG 820-1600 nm 410-800 nm no 205-400 nm SH: 20-50%; FH: 3-10%
AMG 780-1600 nm 390-800 nm 260-533 nm 195-400 nm SH: 30-60%; TH: 5-10%; FH: 1-10%

Optical Choppers

Modulation frequency Phase shift Phase jitter (rms) Switch speed Aperture
OCV-6300F 6-6300 Hz - ±0.3 ° - 1.5-26 mm

Phase Locking

Input signal bandwidth PID feedback bandwidth PZT amplifier PZT modulation bandwidth
ALock up to 2.8 GHz up to 2 MHz >150V, up to 50 W up to 200 kHz

Pulse Pickers

Operating wavelength Transmission gate width Max. output PRR Rise time Contrast
OG-B/F 200...2700 nm fixed, 3...8 ns up to 1 MHz down to 700 ps >1500:1
OG-V 200...2700 nm adjustable, 20 ns...10 us up to 100 kHz 7 ns >1000:1

Supercontinuum Generators

Pump requirements Spectrum width (-10 dB) Conversion efficiency
GECON up to 500 mW @ 800 nm 380-1050 nm up to 60% - -

Terahertz Generators

Central frequency Spectrum width THz pulse energy Focused field strength Pump energy (800 nm, <150 fs)
TERA-AX 1 THz 1-2.5 THz up to 1 uJ up to 1 MV/cm up to 5 mJ

Latest News

The TiF-100ST-F18-AU femtosecond high-power titanium-sapphire oscillator

Ti:S oscillator with up to 3 W output power at 100 fs

We have ramped up the maximum available output power for the TiF-100 series to more than 3 Watts at 800 nm, 100 fs, 80 MHz. The tuning range has also been extended to 720-950 nm, while an optional modification that covers 850-1040 nm is also available. The system features a high-power low-noise integrated DPSS laser […]

TiF-100ST-F6 femtosecond Ti:S oscillator with Frep locking for multiphoton microscopy at CANDLE, Armenia

The TiF-100ST-F6 femtosecond Ti:S oscillator with a built-in pump laser, also equipped with the ALock PLL electronics unit for pulse repetition rate locking to an external RF source has been installed at the Synchrotron Research Institute’s CANDLE facility in Armenia. The setup has been developed and commercialized during the joint Russia-Armenia project supported by FASIE (Innovation […]