Yb-Doped Solid-State Femtosecond

Wavelength Pulse duration Average power Pulse energy Pulse repetition rate
TEMA 1050 nm 70...150 fs up to 12 W 25...150 nJ 80 MHz
TEMA-DUO 525/1050 nm <100…150 fs up to 6/12 W up to 75/150 nJ 80 MHz
TEМА is a familiy of compact and robust solid-state ultrafast oscillators emitting short pulses of near IR radiation with high average power of up to 12 W. All products in the TEMA family come equipped with an integrated long-life diode pump source and an automatic mode-locking mechanism. The sealed, thermostabilized monolithic body design of TEMA optical heads ensures remarkable stability of output power, emission wavelength and pulse repetition rate, allowing for maintenance-free operation. All TEMA laser oscillators are assembled, aligned and sealed in a dust-free, clean assembly zone and are subjected to rigorous testing afterwards.

TEMA oscillators feature a built-in power meter, radio frequency and optical synchronization outputs as well as a touch-screen enabled power supply and control unit, thus turning every TEMA into a turn-key, remote operable device.

Applications of the TEMA lasers include multiphoton microscopy, optical coherence tomography, generation of THz emission, precision laser processing of materials, and many others. High reliability and stability of emission parameters allows the use of TEMA as seed oscillators in sophisticated CPA amplifier systems or pump lasers for frequency-doubled Ti:Sapphire laser pumping. Up to 50% of the total average power output can be converted to the second harmonic radiation (1050 nm -> 525 nm) with the help of a standalone or integrated second harmonic generation unit. A TEMA oscillator paired with an integrated second harmonic generation – TEMA-DUO – offers great long-term power stability at 525 nm in a compact package.

Despite the many advantages, TEMA solutions are marketed to offer very competitive pricing.

Latest News

The TiF-100ST-F18-AU femtosecond high-power titanium-sapphire oscillator

Ti:S oscillator with up to 3 W output power at 100 fs

We have ramped up the maximum available output power for the TiF-100 series to more than 3 Watts at 800 nm, 100 fs, 80 MHz. The tuning range has also been extended to 720-950 nm, while an optional modification that covers 850-1040 nm is also available. The system features a high-power low-noise integrated DPSS laser […]

TiF-100ST-F6 femtosecond Ti:S oscillator with Frep locking for multiphoton microscopy at CANDLE, Armenia

The TiF-100ST-F6 femtosecond Ti:S oscillator with a built-in pump laser, also equipped with the ALock PLL electronics unit for pulse repetition rate locking to an external RF source has been installed at the Synchrotron Research Institute’s CANDLE facility in Armenia. The setup has been developed and commercialized during the joint Russia-Armenia project supported by FASIE (Innovation […]