TEMA. Yb-doped Solid-State Femtosecond Oscillator

Yb-doped solid-state ultrafast laser with high average power output around 1 um and short femtosecond pulse duration.
  TEMA-70 TEMA-100 TEMA-150 TEMA-150HP
Output average power >2 W >5 W >7 W >12 W
Output pulse duration1) <70 fs <100 fs <150 fs <150 fs
Spectrum width (FWHM) >16 nm >12 nm >7.5 nm >7.5 nm
Pulse energy >25 nJ >62 nJ >87 nJ >150 nJ
Central wavelength (fixed) 1050±5 nm
Pulse repetition rate (fixed) 80±2 MHz
Beam mode TEMoo
M^2 <1.1
Beam diameter (at 1/e^2) 1±0.2 mm 1.8±0.2 mm
Output polarization linear, horizontal
Beam divergence <1.8±0.3 mrad <1.0±0.3 mrad
Beam asymmetry <10%
Beam astigmatism <10%
Long-term stability2) <0.3% rms
Cold start warm-up time <20 min
Cooling requirements
Laser head closed-loop chiller included
Power supply air-cooled
Physical dimensions (L × W × H)
412 × 190 × 93 mm
Laser head dimensions 412 × 190 × 93 mm 410 × 150 × 106 mm
Laser control unit dimensions 180 × 170 × 60 mm
Umbilical length 1.8 m
Environmental and utility specifications
Operating temperature 18-28 °C
Relative humidity <60%, non-condensing
Voltage single-phase; 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption <1 kW
1) - sech2 pulse shape is used to determine the pulse duration, measured with the AA-20DD interferometric autocorrelator (Avesta);
2) - after 30 min warm-up with cold start, during 12-hour continuous operation under equal room temperature conditions using recommended stabilized closed-loop chiller with proper capacity.

The TEMA laser based on an Yb-doped crystal radiates at around 1-um wavelength with high average power, enabling the user to enjoy high power ratings at over-micron wavelengths. This design features an integrated pump diode module for greater system stability and turn-key operation. The monolithic thermally stabilized body of the laser ensures maximum rigidity, while self-starting design provides for easy "plug-and-play" operation.

Three basic models differ in pulse duration and output average power:

- the TEMA-70 features the shortest pulse duration of the series with widest spectrum width;

- the TEMA-100 offers a perfect balance between output pulse duration and average optical power;

- the TEMA-150 outputs higher average power and is suitable for power-demanding applications, such as e.g. harmonic wavelength conversion and OPO pumping applications;

- the TEMA-150-HP boasts of the highest power output among the entire TEMA family with up to 12W of average power readily available at its output aperture.

As for wavelength conversion options, the TEMA laser system is also used as a pump source for optical parametric generators (OPOs), that allow generation of ultrafast pulsed radiation from VIS into the IR and MIR regions. See our TOPOL series of OPO systems for more details.

The system might also be equipped with external harmonic generators of the AG series. Also note that a dedicated TEMA-DUO system with a compact built-in SHG module provides high-power fs radiation at 525 nm.

An optional pulse compressor also enables 15-fs pulse width generation with the TEMA system. Please enquire for further details about this option.

- TOPOL optical parametric oscillator family

- synchronous Ti:S pumping in the Tricolor system

- the TEMA-DUO model: femtosecond ytterbium-doped crystal DPSS laser with a built-in second harmonic generator unit

- THz time-domain spectrometer system with an integrated TEMA laser is provided by our partners at Tydex (www.tydexoptics.com)

- continuous-wave-only version TEMA-CW

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