TiF-DP. Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Laser with Direct Diode Pumping

Titanium-sapphire femtosecond oscillator with direct diode pumping (DPSS Ti:S femtosecond laser). The system is designed as a seed oscillator for amplifier systems, as well as a basic starting solution for ultrafast spectroscopy laboratories and OEM-integration into third-party equipment.
  TiF-DP-20 TiF-DP-30 TiF-DP-50
Spectrally-limited pulse duration1) <20 fs 2) <30 fs 2) <50 fs
(<100 fs upon request)
Spectrum width (FWHM)1) >50 nm >30 nm >18 nm
Tuning range 800±10 nm (fixed) 770-830 nm 760-840 nm
Average output power1), 3) >120 mW >150 mW >170 mW
General optical specifications
Pulse repetition rate (fixed) 90±10 MHz
Pump source integrated, direct diode pump
Spatial mode and М2 ТЕМ002<1.2)
Beam diameter (1/e2) <2 mm
Output polarization linear, horizontal, PER >20 dB
Beam divergence <1 mrad
Long-term stability3) <0.5% rms
Noise <0.5% rms (10 Hz to 10 MHz bandwidth)
Physical dimensions (L × W × H)
Laser head dimensions 510 × 270 × 119 mm
Pump laser control unit dimensions 290 × 200 × 80 mm
Closed-loop chiller dimensions 430 × 340 × 190 mm
Environmental and utility specifications
Operating temperature 15-30°С
Relative humidity <60%, non-condensing
Voltage single-phase; 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption <1 kW
Available configuration packages4)
"Basic" package (default) - thermally stabilized body
- SMA pulse train sync output
- mode-lock status LED indication
- push-button starter
- USB 2.0 wavelength tuning via step-motor slit (via step number information and calibration)
PC requirements: USB 2.0 port, Windows 10
"Auto" package - thermally stabilized body
- SMA pulse train sync output
- mode-lock status LED indication
- built-in spectrometer
- single-touch wavelength tuning w. presets
- built-in power meter
- active output power stability locking
- automatic mode-lock start and monitoring
- Windows software with configurable widgets
PC requirements: USB 2.0 port, Windows 10
1) - when tuned to 800 nm; pulse duration is measured by the AA-10DD-12PS (Avesta) interferometric autocorrelator;
2) - with an external dispersion compensator (not included; offered separately, see APC);
3) - after 30 min warm-up with cold start, during 12-hour continuous operation under equal room temperature conditions using recommended stabilized closed-loop chiller with proper capacity and active output power locking ("Auto" package);
4) - please select one of the packages for your system; certain features may be tailored or combined differently according to specific customer requirements.

The novel TiF-DP system is a Ti:Sapphire femtosecond laser oscillator having its active medium directly pumped by emission from a laser diode assembly. Such architecture leads to significant cost reduction while system still maintains the output beam quality, pulse duration and long-term output power stability of conventional DPSS-laser-pumped systems. Average output power reaches 200 mW and is sufficient enough to use the TiF-DP series systems as a seed laser source for amplifier systems with enough headroom, as well as implement it in numerous scientific research applications. The laser design features a rigid monolithic thermally stabilized body and ensures long-term output power stability drift below 0.5% rms.

The laser system may be factory-optimized for any of the three main output pulse duration choices: 20, 30 or 50 fs (with 100 fs by special request). The general rule is that accessible values of output power and tuning range width increase with values of output pulse duration.

Each of the TiF-DP systems may be supplied in one of the two packages: the "Basic" package or the "Auto" package.
The "Auto" package includes a built-in compact spectrometer, built-in laser power meter, pulse train detector, laser operating mode LED and software indicator, step motors for certain laser elements, as well as a hardware-software platform that integrates all these elements and provides (exact set of features depends on the exact laser configuration):
- integrated spectrometer and power meter with data collection and analysis, visualization, USB transfer and storage on a PC;
- measurement of spectrum shape and FWHM data in the laser's software with real-time pulse duration tuning via PC (in certain models);
- measurement and real-time tuning of central output wavelength via PC;
- oscillator regime indicator (CW regime or pulsed regime with mode-locking) on a PC or with an LED on the laser's body;
- remote mode-lock start or automatic start via PC;
- stabilization of output average power of the laser system;
- analog sync electric output for pulse train monitoring and third-party equipment synchronization.
The "Basic" package includes pulse train detector, laser operating mode LED indicator, one motorized element of the laser cavity and an electronic unit that provide:
- tuning of central wavelength by a wired remote control unit;
- oscillator regime indicator (CW regime or pulsed regime with mode-locking) with an LED on the laser's body;
- remote mode-lock start via external wired push-button;
- analog sync electric output for pulse train monitoring and third-party equipment synchronization.
The space-saving laser head design provides for additional research budget reduction and facilitates integration into complex experimental space-consuming layouts.

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