SPIDER. Spectral Phase Measurement System

The unit is designed for measurements of spectral phase and spectral intensity of femtosecond pulses.
  SP-800-5 SP-800-10 SP-1000-20  
Input spectral range* 550-1050 nm 680-1000 nm 900-1100 nm
Input pulse duration ranges (for TL pulses) 5-12 fs / 10-30** fs 10-40 fs / 30-120*** fs 20-80 fs / 80-320*** fs
Sensitivity 100 mW at 100 MHz;
~1 uJ in single-shot mode
Input pulse repetition rate any*, from single-shot
Input polarization linear, horizontal
Dimensions (including 2-channel spectrometer) 361 x 210 x 145 mm 385 x 295 x 125 mm
* - please specify the required values with your request;
** - the ranges are covered by changing the number of passes in the stretcher;
*** - the ranges are covered by exchangeable stretcher optics sets; one of the ranges of customer's choice is included in the default supply package.

The SPIDER (Spectral Phase Interferometry for Direct Electric field Reconstruction) system provides precise phase-amplitude measurement of ultrashort laser pulses. The device is widely used for on-line tuning of amplifier systems. The device is used to measure spectral phase, spectral intensity and temporal intensity. It also displays an autocorrelation function.

The principle of operation is based on spectral shearing interferometry. The spectral phase property is reconstructed from a spectral interferogram registered by a CCD. The other CCD records spectral amplitude of the input pulse. The phase-amplitude characteristic in time domain is obtained by Fourier transformation of the spectral phase-amplitude characteristic. The reconstruction algorithm used is linear and non-iterative.

The SPIDER features a USB connection with acquisition and analysis Windows software. The unit has a built-in two-channel spectrometer for spectra registration and a CCD camera for easier alignment at low repetition rates.

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