PARUS. Ultrafast Optical Parametric Amplifier

The PARUS femtosecond optical parametric amplifier (OPA) is designed as a robust automated wavelength conversion tool with broad wavelength tuning.
  PARUS-515 PARUS-800 PARUS-1030
Signal output tuning range 630-1020 nm 1200-1600 nm 1400-2000 nm
Idler output tuning range 1040-2800 nm 1600-2400 nm 2100-4000 nm
Conversion efficiency of pump input (S+I, at peak of tuning curve) >10% >10% >10%
Output pulse duration 1) <1x of pump <1.5x of pump <1x of pump
Pump laser specifications 2)
Max. pump average power 8 W at 1030 nm 2.5 W at 800 nm 8 W at 1030 nm
Pump pulse energy 0.2...2 mJ 0.2...3 mJ 0.2...2 mJ
Suitable pump laser TETA Yb series REUS Ti:S series TETA Yb series
Pump pulse duration 250-300 fs 35-100 fs 250-300 fs
Additional outputs
Full pump SHG output (switchable) yes, ~50% eff. n/a n/a
Depleted pump fundamental after SHG yes n/a n/a
Depleted pump after OPA yes, pump SHG yes, pump fund. yes, pump fund.
 Available optional extension modules3)
Sum frequency 1 (SFS) data on request 480-533 nm (3%) data on request
Sum frequency 2 (SFI) data on request 533-600 nm (1.5%) data on request
Second harmonic of signal (SHS) 320-510 nm (2%) 600-800 nm (2%) data on request
Second harmonic of idler (SHI) 520-650 nm (2%) 800-1200 nm (2%) data on request
Difference frequency (DFG1) data on request 2700-4500 nm (0.5%)

4500-10000 nm (0.2%)

data on request
Environmental and utility specifications
Operating conditions 18-25 °C; RH <60%, non-condensing
Voltage single-phase; 100-240 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Physical dimensions (LxWxH)
OPA optical head 590х375х115 mm (without external periscope)
SHG extension (optional) 480×260×105 mm (SHS and SHI)
1) - depends on input pump pulse duration and output central wavelength;
2) - exact value or certain range must be confirmed, please contact us for details; customized solutions are available upon request;
3) - possible tuning ranges with typical peak conversion efficiency to pump pulse energy given in brackets; please ask for a quote for exact values.

The PARUS femtosecond optical parametric amplifier (OPA) is designed as a robust automated wavelength conversion tool with
broad wavelength tuning. The units can be pumped either by a Ti:S REUS amplifier series (at ~800 nm) or by Yb ANTAUS or TETA
series (at ~1030 nm).
Certain OPA models include a built-in SHG module for pump beam conversion in order to offer higher energy in the VIS and NIR
ranges, while some models are pumped by a fundamental pump beam offering broader coverage and higher pulse energy in the
MIR range and DFG applications. The system is fully automated and is offered with a Windows PC software for wavelength tuning.

- Generator of the second harmonics of signal and idle frequencies.

- Differential frequency generator.

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