TiC. Ti:Sapphire Continuous Wave Laser

Titanium-sapphire continuous wave solid-state laser system with broad tuning range and narrow linewidth.
Standard models and available pump laser power matrix
Pump laser power TiC output power at 800 nm
 TiC output power at 800 nm
(fiber-coupled, optional)
3 W
5 W
6 W
8 W
>400 mW
>800 mW
>1.2 W
>1.8 W
>250 mW
>500 mW
>900 mW
>1.2 W
General optical specifications
Wavelength tuning range 700-1000 nm (customized wavelengths in the range of 690...1060 nm)
Output linewidth <45 GHz (default)
<20 GHz (with 1 intra-cavity etalon, optional)
<2 GHz (with 2 intra-cavity etalons, optional)
Pump laser integrated or stand-alone DPSS 480...550 nm low-noise pump laser (up to 8 W);
the pump laser must have low amplitude noise and have a TEM00 spatial mode
Fiber output (optional) FC socket, SMF FC-FC patch-cord, length 1 m, core dia 4 um
Spatial mode and M^2 TEM00 (M2 <1.2)
Output beam diameter (at 1/e2) <2 mm
Output polarization linear, horizontal, PER >100:1
Beam divergence <1 mrad
Long-term output power stability1) <0.2% rms
Physical dimensions (L × W × H)
Laser head 427 × 300 × 129 mm (including integrated pump laser)
427 × 200 × 123 mm (for external pumping)
Integrated pump laser control unit 353 × 360 × 119 mm
Closed-loop chiller unit 430 × 340 × 190 mm
Environmental and utility specifications
Operating temperature 15-30 °C
Relative humidity <60%, non-condensing
Voltage single-phase; 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption <1.5 kW
Available factory configuration packages2)
Thermally stabilized monolithic body included in any package
Manual” factory package - birefringent Lyot filter with manual micrometer screw adjustment
- (optional) one or two intracavity etalons with manual adjustment
"Basic" factory package (default) - birefringent Lyot filter with step-motor adjustment
- (optional) one or two intracavity etalons with manual or step-motor adjustment
- motorized wavelength tuning with remote control
- basic Windows software with wavelength tuning remote control capability
Auto” factory package - birefringent Lyot filter with step-motor adjustment
- (optional) one or two intracavity etalons with manual or step-motor adjustment
- built-in spectrometer
- built-in power meter
- active output power stability locking3)
- BRF control and etalons (optional) control via single Windows software application
- extended Windows software version, incorporating monitoring of operational parameters and single-click wavelength tuning
1) – after 30 min warm-up with cold start, during 12-hour continuous operation under equal room temperature conditions using factory-supplied/recommended stabilized closed-loop chiller with proper capacity and factory-supplied/recommended low-noise on-board integrated highly stable pump laser with active power locking turned ON; "Auto" package only;
2) – please select one of the packages as basis for your system; certain features may be tailored or combined differently according to specific customer requirements;
3) – available only with certain manufacturer-certified pump laser models, please enquire.


Continuous wave Ti:Sapphire laser features broad wavelength tuning range (700-1000 nm) and finds itself as a useful tool for many fields of fundamental research, especially various spectroscopy applications.

The wavelength tuning is carried out by a birefringent Lyot filter and can be either manually controlled or motorized via a step motor with USB connection to a PC. Two etalons can be optionally placed into the cavity in order to narrow the linewidth of the generated radiation down to 2 GHz.

The CW Ti:Sapphire laser needs to be pumped by a CW DPSS pump laser at 532 nm. Our company offers the oscillators without the pump laser, as well as a version with integrated pump laser with pump power varying from 2 W to 8 W.

Optional fiber-coupled modification is available. The radiation is steered into a fiber with 4 um core diameter. The optical scheme allows easy switching between the free-space and the fiber outputs via a flip mount.

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