TOPOL. Femtosecond Optical Parametric Oscillator

Ultrafast optical parametric laser oscillators offer broad tuning range in the near-IR range up to mid-IR wavelengths.
  TOPOL-1050-C TOPOL-1050-D TOPOL-1050-E
Optical parametric oscillator specifications
Wavelength tuning range (fully automated USB tuning) 800-1020 nm (signal)
1090-1530 nm (idler)
1700-2000 nm (signal)
2200-2740 nm (idler)
1400-1700 nm (signal)
2750-4200 nm (idler)
Average output optical power signal
>300 mW @ 800 nm
>700 mW @ 850 nm
>400 mW @ 900 nm
>200 mW @ 1000 nm

>300 mW @ 1100 nm
>400 mW @ 1250 nm
>300 mW @ 1400 nm
>150 mW @ 1500 nm

>400 mW @ 1700 nm
>800 mW @ 1800 nm
>550 mW @ 1900 nm
>700 mW @ 2000 nm

>300 mW @ 2200 nm
>500 mW @ 2300 nm
>400 mW @ 2400 nm
>400 mW @ 2500 nm
>300 mW @ 2700 nm

>400 mW @ 1400 nm
>500 mW @ 1410 nm
>800 mW @ 1500 nm
>500 mW @ 1600 nm
>500 mW @ 1700 nm

>100 mW @ 2750-4200 nm

Pulse duration (FWHM) <200 fs (signal)
<200 fs (idler)
<180 fs (signal)
<150 fs (idler)
<200 fs (signal)
<250 fs (idler)
Physical specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) 490x290x114 mm 500x250x120 mm
Pump laser requirements
Central wavelength 1030…1060 nm
Average power 6...8 W 3 W
Pulse duration 100…200 fs
Pulse repetition rate 70+/-1 MHz (fixed, 50…100 MHz upon request)
Recommended pump laser TeMa-150
Power supply, control and cooling specifications
Power supply single-phase; 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 А max
Control USB interface, Windows PC software included
Cooling system closed-loop stabilized water chiller is supplied with the unit;
(a single chiller unit is used when supplying bundled ТЕМА pump laser and the TOPOL system)

The TOPOL is a synchronously pumped femtosecond optical parametric oscillator (OPO). The system is pumped by a mode-locked femtosecond laser with central wavelength of 1030-1060 nm and about 70 MHz pulse repetition rate. The pumping is done either at fundamental or SH wavelength (depending on the OPO model). The SHG module for the pump laser (where required) is built into the TOPOL's layout. Thus, all models are optimized for external pumping by the TEMA-150 laser system's fundamental frequency. However, the OPO may be adapted to other pump laser specifications upon request.

The system is housed in a single compact body and has two main outputs for signal and idler wavelengths. Exact tuning ranges vary from model to model. The unit features a built-in power meter and a spectrometer unit for robust monitoring of the unit's output. Optional outputs are available for pump radiation and its SH. The unit is fully controlled via Windows PC with USB interface, Windows software is supplied in the package.

- auxiliary 1050-nm pump laser output;
- auxiliary 525-nm pump SH output (in certain models);
- adaptation to other pump laser parameters (PRR 50...100 MHz).

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