YFOA. Femtosecond Yb-Doped Fiber Lasers

Ultrafast Yb-doped fiber lasers with stable 65-MHz femtosecond pulse train output around 1 um.
  YFOA-50* YFOA-200* YFOA-2000* YFOA-5000 YFOA-10000
Pulse duration (FWHM) <200* fs (up to 300 ps upon request)
Available wavelengths 1030 nm
(SHG, 1040 nm or 1053 nm upon request)
Average output power >50 mW >200 mW >2 W >5 W >10** W
Pulse energy >0.7 nJ >3 nJ >30 nJ >75 nJ >150 nJ
Repetition rate (fixed) 65+/-5 MHz (internal/external AOMs upon request)
Spatial mode and M^2 TEM00, M^2 <1.2
Polarization linear, vertical (horizontal on request)
Long-term power stability <0.5% rms (8 hours at equal ambient conditions)
Output type collimated free-space*
Cooling type air-cooled (water-cooled on request)
Sync and indication SMA electric and FC/APC optical sync outputs; TFT color display
Control interface USB with PC software; optional: CAN, RS485
Operating conditions 15-35 °C; humidity level non-condensing
Optical unit, mm 110x200x70 110x200x100 350x220x120 350x220x120 350x220x120
Power supply unit, mm 470x330x90 470x330x90 470x385x155 470x385x155 470x385x155
* - the YFOA-S series 45-MHz seed oscillator versions for seeding solid-state or fiber amplifiers is available upon request with up to 300 ps chirped pulse output via fiber-coupled or collimated free-space output; custom stretcher design and AOM selection are also available;
* - up to 20 W upon request.

The YFOA femtosecond fiber laser is designed for stable generation of an ultra-short laser pulse train. The device contains Yb-doped active fiber, pump diodes, polarization control and dispersion control elements, electronic power supply and control system. The laser also has an SMA sync output for triggering external devices, as well as another SMA for pulsed mode status. The YFOA has proved its reliability as a seed oscillator for amplifier systems (such as the TETA system) as well as a stand-alone pulse generator. The YFOA may be ramped up to higher average power ratings for power-demanding applications.

- high-power versions
- seed oscillator versions
- 19" rack OEM systems
- Yb/Er dual-channel inherently synchronized systems
- ALock Frep and Fceo synchronization and stabilization electronics for multichannel system design and synchronization of femtosecond fiber lasers to external optical or radiofrequency reference

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