TeMa. Yb-doped Solid-State Femtosecond Oscillator

Yb-doped solid-state ultrafast laser with high average power output around 1 um and short femtosecond pulse duration.
  TeMa-100 TeMa-150
Wavelength (fixed) 1050+/-5 nm
Pulse duration (FWHM)* <100 fs <200 (<150 fs typical)
Output power* >3.5 W >6 W
Output power** at 525±2 nm >1.7 W >3 W
Pulse energy >50 nJ >85 nJ
Repetition rate (fixed)* 70+/-5 MHz
Output power stability*** <1% rms
Spatial mode TEMoo
Polarization linear, horizontal, >100:1
Laser head dimensions 412x190x93 mm
Power supply dimensions 290x200x80 mm
* - custom values available upon request;
** - with optional SHG extension; built-in SHG version is the TeMa-DUO model;
*** - measured at equal room conditions over 12 hours after 30 minutes of warm-up.


The TeMa laser based on an Yb-doped crystal radiates at  around 1-um wavelength with high average power, enabling the user to enjoy Ti:S-like power ratings at over-micron wavelengths. This design features integrated pump diode module for greater system stability and turn-key operation. The monolithic body of the laser ensures maximum rigidity, while self-starting design provides for easy "plug-and-play" operation.

Two basic models differ in pulse duration and output average power: the TeMa-100 model features optimized pulse duration, while the TeMa-150 outputs maximum average power. An optional SHG extension provides powerful fs radiation in visible range, with a special TeMa-DUO modification with built-in SHG module. An optional pulse compressor also enables 15-fs pulse width generation.

The TeMa laser system is also used as a pump source for optical parametric generators, namely the NOPO series, that allow generation of ultrafast pulsed radiation from VIS into the IR and MIR regions. See NOPO section for more details.

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