EFO-COMB. Optical Frequency Comb Synthesizer

Femtosecond mode-locked Er-doped PM fiber laser with 4 PM fiber-coupled outputs including an Er-fiber amplifier for supercontinuum generation, as well as an f-2f interferometer with sync and locking electronics.
Comb spacing (Frep) 100 MHz
Stability (with connection to a microwave reference) <5·10^-13 at 1 s or same as reference
Tuning range of comb spacing >0.7 MHz
Tuning range of offset frequency Fceo >100 MHz
Optical outputs 2 or 4 fiber-coupled output ports or collimated free-space outputs at 1560 nm, 520-1000 nm, 1000-2200 nm, other wavelengths upon request (optional)
Central wavelength (fixed) 1560±10 nm
Full spectral coverage (with additional options) 520-1000 nm, 1000-2200 nm, other wavelengths upon request
Output power >5 mW from each output;
>250 mW @ 1560 nm (optional);
>200 mW @1000-2200 nm (optional);
>80 mW @ 520-1000 nm (optional)
Optical unit dimensions (L x W x H) 356 x 492 x 110 mm
Control rack dimensions (W x L) 640 x 553 mm (rack height depends on exact configuration)

Optical frequency synthesizer combines a femtosecond mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser with 4 fiber-coupled laser outputs, a fiber amplifier with supercontinuum generator and an f-2f interferometer. Fully PM fiber scheme ensures uninterrupted operation. A separate control rack may be individually configured for each case, containing control and power supply units, phase offset tuning units, data collection and visualization units along with many other possible options.

The system may also be equipped with: a fiber amplifier for 1560 nm, SHG unit with 780 nm output, supercontinuum generator for 1000-2200 nm, supercontinuum generator for 520-1000 nm, difference frequency generator (DFG).

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