EFO. Femtosecond Er-doped Fiber Lasers

Mode-locked femtosecond fiber lasers based on Er-doped active fibers. Include models with simple oscillators, as well as models with one or several additional preamplifiers.
  EFO-80/10 EFO-T/50 EFOA-100/260
Pulse duration (fixed) <80* fs 100...5000** fs <100 fs
Wavelength(fixed) 1560±10 nm
Average output power >10* mW >50 mW >260*** mW
Repetition rate (fixed) 70±5 MHz 70±5 MHz
(25-80 MHz upon request)
65±5 MHz
(40-80 MHz upon request)
Polarization, linear vertical or horizontal**** horizontal
Output type collimated free-space, TEMoo
(fiber-coupled output upon request)
RF sync output SMA connector (200-300 mV @ 50 ohm load)
Mode-lock status SMA connector (3.5/0 V) and LED
Service optical output FC/APC (~1 mW)
Laser head dimensions 180x210x50(70) mm 180x210x70(90) mm
Power supply unit dimensions 230x200x85 mm 230x200x130 mm
* - <50 fs @ 10 mW specs upon request;
** - pulse duration (T) should be selected with your request;
*** - average power up to 5 W upon request;
**** - please specify with your request.

Fiber-based femtosecond lasers offer robust and stable operation without the need for constant realignment. The low cost and stability of fiber-based femtosecond lasers mean that even beginner research labs can have a femtosecond pulse source without the need for expensive or complicated equipment. This brings ultrafast research into the realm of undergraduate and other educational environments. With pulse lengths of 100 fs at 1550 nm fiber femtosecond lasers can also be used as seed sources for femtosecond fiber amplifiers. The 1550 nm wavelength of Er-doped fiber lasers also makes them an attractive tool for ultrahigh-speed optical communications applications.

The second harmonic version EFOA-SH with wavelength 780 nm is also available.

- splitting of power output into two or more fiber/free-space synchronous simultaneous outputs.

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