EFOA-SH. Femtosecond Er Fiber Laser with Built-in SHG

Femtosecond Er-doped fiber laser emitting 1560 nm with built-in SHG module for 780 nm output.
Pulse width (FWHM) at 780 nm <100* fs (typ. 85 fs) <120 fs (typ. 100 fs)
Wavelength (fixed) 780±5 nm and 1560±10 nm
Repetition rate** (fixed) 65±5 MHz or 80±5 MHz
Power output (switchable***), free-space >140 mW at 780 nm
>260 mW at 1560 nm
>200 mW at 780 nm
>440 mW at 1560 nm
Spatial mode TEM00
Polarization linear
Service optical output 1560 nm, FC/APC (~1 mW)
RF sync output SMA connector
Mode-lock status SMA connector (3.5/0 V) and LED
General specifications
Operating temperature 22±5 °С
Warm up time for rated accuracy 20 min
Power supply 110...220 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions, mm
Laser head 278x242x111 320x260x120
Control unit 291x202x134 470x385x160
* - <80 fs pulse durations available upon request;
** - please indicate the necessary value when placing an order, 100 MHz available upon request;
*** - simultaneous dual output is also possible upon request.

Second harmonic of Er-doped fiber laser operates at wavelength of 780 nm and in a number of applications can replace the powerful but more expensive solid-state Ti:S lasers. Easy to use, featuring turn-key operation and small footprint, these lasers greatly facilitate any research. Lack of laser alignment experience is not a problem with these fiber lasers, as only general electronics and light physics knowledge is required to work with the unit.

The EFOA-SH is also a perfect source for amplifier system seeding due to one-box compact design and lack of expensive pump laser as in the case of Ti:S solid-state seed.

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