IRA. Scanning Autocorrelator with Extended Scan Range

Scanning autocorrelator with a long delay line driven by a step motor is suitable for characterization of femtosecond and picosecond laser sources covering various combinations of input pulse parameters and wavelengths from visible into MIR.
Full possible input wavelength range* 450-2000 nm 2-11 um
Subranges* VIS: 450-700 nm
NIR1: 700-1300 nm
NIR2: 1300-2000 nm
MIR1: 2-5 um
MIR2: 5-11 um
Input pulse duration range 50 fs - 250 ps
Required input pulse energy** >1 nJ at 50 fs - 1 ps (w. thin NL crystals)
>3 nJ at 1-250 ps (w. thick NL crystals)
>5 nJ at 50 fs - 1 ps (w. thin NL crystals)
>100 nJ at 1-250 ps (w. thick NL crystals)
Maximum input average power 1 W
Input repetition rate 10 Hz - 100 MHz
Input polarization linear, horizontal
Delay line temporal resolution 8.3 fs
Full scan range 850 ps
Required equipment PC with USB; Windows acquisition and analysis software included
Power supply 220/110 V; 50/60 Hz ±10%
Dimensions optical unit: 450x250x210 mm
control unit: 250x180x90 mm
* - each subrange is covered by an exchangeable optics set (NL crystals, beamsplitters, filters, photodetectors). A set for one of the subranges of the customer's choice is supplied with the unit, additional sets are supplied upon request; the final set of optics and detectors depends on the specifications of the sources to be measured and is discussed with our sales manager upon offering;
** - typical values, depends on input pulse duration and wavelength.

The IRA scanning autocorrelator is specifically developed for measurement of pulse duration and near contrast ratio of ultrafast radiation generated by ultrafast amplifiers and oscillators. There is also a special model of the IRA system that is suitable for mid-IR laser sources.

The IRA includes opto-mechanical assembly and electronics with USB interface. The system is easy to operate and includes a full set of user friendly Windows software tools for data collection and analysis. Approximation with Gauss and Sech^2 shapes is also available. The unit implements a robust scanning mechanism.

The acquisition and analysis software is fully compatible with Windows, USB drivers are included

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