OCV-6300. Compact Optical Chopper

Compact optical modulator featuring a precision multiturn resistor for adjustment of the modulation frequency and a sync output.
  OCV-6300 OCV-6300F
Frequency range 14-6300 Hz
Chopping frequency with 2-slot blade 14-120 Hz
Chopping frequency with 10-slot blade 30-600 Hz
Chopping frequency with 30-slot blade 120-1900 Hz
Chopping frequency with 60-slot blade 150-3700 Hz
Chopping frequency with 100-slot blade 260-6300* Hz
Output sync signal level at BNC connector +5 V (50 ohm)
Frequency indication no built-in indicator
Frequency setting accuracy 1 Hz 0.5 Hz
Power supply (AC-DC adapter, 12 V, 0.35 A) 110-230 V
Power consumption <4 W
Dimensions (WxLxH) 87x90x146 mm 104x87x148 mm
* - the clear aperture with this blade is 1.5 mm.

An optomechanical modulator (aka an optical chopper) is widely used in different optical experiments. It modulates different light sources with given frequency for their subsequent analysis. The joint use of the optical chopper with the lock-in amplifier greatly facilitates low-amplitude signal detection against high-level background noise. The exchangeable blades selection offers wide modulation frequency range.

The OCV-6300 is the simplest model without visual indication of modulation frequency, but it has a sync output.

The OCV-6300F model features a built-in visual frequency indicator that allows precise selection of the chopping frequency without any external devices. The unit also has a sync output.

The standard supply package includes modulator driver, power supply and 1 blade of customer's choice. Additional blades are ordered separately.

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