REUS. Ti:Sapphire Femtosecond Amplifiers

A family of regenerative and multipass ultrafast solid-state titanium-sapphire laser amplifiers. The systems produce ultra-short pulses in microjoule and millijoule pulse energy range.
  REUS-0.5m1k REUS-1.5m100 REUS-3m1k REUS-5m1k REUS-3m20 REUS-10m20 REUS-20m15 REUS-C*
Pulse energy >500 uJ >1.5 mJ >3 mJ >5 mJ >3 mJ >10 mJ >20** mJ up to 20** mJ
Pulse repetition rate 1 kHz 100 Hz 1 kHz 1 kHz 20 Hz 20 Hz 15 Hz 1 Hz…10 kHz
the output pulse repetition rate is adjustable via a built-in pulse slicer from single-shot to nominal rep. rate of a given amplifier
Pulse duration (FWHM) <35 fs with solid-state seed oscillator;
<100 fs with fiber seed oscillator
<35 fs with solid-state seed oscillator 30…120 fs
Central wavelength   800 ± 20 nm (fixed) 740…950 nm
Beam diameter <3 mm <3 mm 8 mm 10 mm 8 mm 10 mm <20 mm -
М2 <1.3 <1.3 <1.3 <1.5 <1.3 <1.5 <2 -
Output polarization linear, horizontal
Long-term stability <2.5% rms <2% rms <1% rms <1% rms <2.5% rms <2.5% rms <2.5% rms -
Pulse contrast 10^4:1 @ >10 ns (to replica pulse);
>10^3:1 @ 1 ps,  >10^6:1 @ 5 ps,  >5x10^7:1 @ 10-20 ps,  >5x10^7:1 @ ASE
* - the ranges of parameters in this column are given for possible customized development of an amplifier system or its adaptation to a customer-provided pump laser and/or seed oscillator;
** - please refer to "TW systems" section for systems with pulse energy up to 500 mJ.

The REUS femtosecond amplifier family comprises regenerative, multipass and combined (RA+MPA) systems with Ti:S as active amplification medium. The systems are based on chirped pulse amplification approach (CPA) when femtosecond pulses being formed in a seed oscillator are stretched in a pulse stretcher, then amplified to required energy and then compressed back to femtosecond pulse duration. Almost all REUS amplifiers are equipped with a built-in pulse slicer (output pulse picker) based on a Pockels cell that significantly increases the systems contrast ratio and provides total control over the output pulse repetition rate including programmable bursts and "pulse-on-demand" functionality. The systems may be manufactured as a single one-box unit with integrated seed oscillator and pump lasers or as a separate modules with various configuration and adaptation possibilities with a customer-provided seed oscillator or amplifier pump laser(s).

We offer two basic seed oscillator modules: a solid-state Ti:S femtosecond oscillator with a wider spectrum resulting in ~30-40 fs amplified pulse duration or a fiber laser seed oscillator unit with a narrower spectrum but smaller footprint and likely more budget-friendly resulting in 90-120 fs amplified pulse duration. The systems may be adapted to accept a third-party seed oscillator or customized for a different set of seed and output parameters.

The system's output may be increased step by step by gradually adding additional amplification stages up to TW-level with 500 mJ pulse energy (10 Hz repetition rate).

- pulse slicer based on a Pockels cell for output contrast increase and user control of output pulse repetition rate (installed by default in a standard system);
- remote control unit for manually controlled single-shot operation;
- modular design: amplifier subsystems may be manufactured as physically separate modules, each on its own breadboard;
- built-in output energy attenuator based on a half-wave plate;
- the Compulse-800 hollow-fiber pulse compressor unit, a separate device that is installed at the amplifier's output. Provides spectral broadening and with subsequent compression produces pulses with duration as short as 6 fs;
- built-in harmonic generator.

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